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Frey - Cerro Catedral Final Trip Payment


Hello Paige and Marius,

Our time in South America is drawing near and it is time to make your final trip payment.

Please be in touch if you need anything.


Geoff - American Mountain Guide

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Additional Info

Booking and Cancelation Policy

  • When you book a trip you will be required to submit the following:

    1. Client Registration Form
      a. Participant Information
      b. Personal Information
      c. Climbing/Skiing Experience

    2. 50% deposit to reserve your dates. Due to the nature Of Guiding during peak season this amount is required to reserve your dates

    3. Dates for this trip will be fixed in advance, but scheduled ski/Climbing days may shift in the itinerary due to weather and conditions

    4. Please pay with check, bank transfer or credit card

    5. Payment details can be worked out at the time of your booking

  • Full payment must be made 60 days prior to the departure date of your trip.


  • If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, you must do so 60 days before your departure. At this time you will be given the opportunity to rebook for other dates given availability. If you must cancel Extreme Alpine will retain 25% of your trip cost and reimburse you for the other half of your deposit.

  • If you must cancel your trip within 60 days, you forfeit your deposit and the balance of your trip payment.

  • Extreme Alpine reserves the right to cancel your trip at any time for non-payment within 60 days of your trip start date.

  • We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance in the event you cannot make the trip for any reason. There are different options available via internet search. TravelX is a popular service